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Anyone under 21 who’s considering using a fake ID to purchase alcohol on the Vineyard, consider yourself warned — you will be caught, and it will cost you dearly.

Edgartown Police Lieut. Chris Dolby told The Times that every liquor establishment on the Island has a scanner that will not be fooled by that license from Delaware with the fake birthdate.

“Most of the fake IDs are from out of state, but the people we arrest are usually from Massachusetts,” he said. “We’ve responded to a dozen fake ID calls since Memorial Day which have resulted in criminal charges, including one 15-year-old female.”

The penalties are stiff. A minor convicted of trying to buy liquor faces a fine up to $300 and suspension of his or her Massachusetts driver’s license for 180 days. The penalties for a conviction of providing false identification to purchase liquor include up to three months in jail, a fine up to $200, and revocation of a Massachusetts driver’s license for one year.

Package stores and bars will contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles on their own, regardless of any criminal charges.

Lieutenant Dolby said a private company has been hired to scan driver’s licenses at this Thursday’s Taste of the Vineyard event.