Many years ago I was vacationing in the Caribbean. It was a beautiful all-inclusive resort that included a casino. Our host gave us a tour of the resort and it ended up at the casino. There were plenty of slot and video poker machines and several blackjack tables. The host warned us that the slots were fine to play but that the casino was not actually owned by them but by a local group and that we shouldn’t play the table games. The reasoning being that sometimes 21 doesn’t equal 21… they were either cheating or wouldn’t pay if you kept winning.

Which brings us to today’s blog. To check into a casino resort in Las Vegas you have to be 21. Just like the laws for buying cigarettes and alcohol that doesn’t change the fact that people will try to check in while underage. There are definitely some good fake ids out there that are hard to spot and then there are some of my guests.

There was the guy who was trying to be really cool by doing the ol’ twenty dollar trick by slipping a $20 between license and credit card. Pretty smooth and it might have worked except he slipped the money in between his driver’s license and his… driver’s license. Yep, he gave me his fake and his real id at the same time. An ‘A’ for effort but an ‘F’ for execution.


This one actually got by me. Perfect ID and she acted so cool. I asked her if she wanted to add a name to the room in case of an emergency or a lost key. She said yes, that she was sharing the room with her sister. That’s when they ruined their weekend. I never did well in biology but I do know one thing. Two sisters can’t have a birth date only 4 months apart. The stupid thing was that the other sister was only 2 months away from turning 21 and could have waited that long and she could have made the reservation and checked in.


Finally, the Nick Pappagiorgio Award goes to the gentleman who created such a detailed piece of art that you could hardly notice they reversed the birth date and the expiration date. I had to explain to the guy that not only had his license expired 22 years ago but he wasn’t going to be born for another year.

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There are, of course, others where the brother is going to show up later or they are checking in for their parents.

Kids, you can still check into the Motel 6 and have fun in Las Vegas. Just remember that a casino can suffer severe consequences for checking in a minor or letting a minor gamble so we are pretty diligent about finding fake ID’s… or maybe I am just a party pooper.


Thanks again to everyone who is following this blog. It is truly humbling and a treat that you are enjoying reading as much as I enjoy sharing these stories.