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Whether used as a “novelty” item, or for illegal purposes, false driver’s licenses and identification has been around forever. People who use a fake ID are rarely up to any good, and most people assume that a fake driver’s license in Michigan is being used to purchase alcohol illegally or to enter into an “over 21” bar or club. There are countless reasons why people will get a fake driver’s license in Michigan, and across the country, including identity theft, getting around a suspended driver’s license or even driving without a required ignition interlock device. So, how do you know when you’re looking at a fake driver’s license?

8 Reasons to Suspect a Driver’s License in Michigan is Fake:

  1. The edges of the driver’s license are peeling up, or there are visible edges around the photo.
  2. Virginia West Id Fake There is no magnetic strip on the back of the driver’s license.
  3. Virginia West Id Fake The font or typeface is consistent over the entire driver’s license.
  4. The expiration date on the license has passed.
  5. The person holding the license seems nervous or anxious.
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  7. The blacklight enhancements are missing or altered.
  8. A signature in “real time” doesn’t match the signature on the license.
  9. The background image is altered or missing.

Fake driver’s licenses are still easy to purchase, and are used each day by criminals to get around the restrictions placed on them for former crimes. Anyone caught in possession of a fake driver’s license in Michigan can face criminal penalties including a jail sentence of up to one year and/or a fine of up to $2,000. Whether you think it’s an easy way to buy some beer, or to get around your ignition interlock requirement, chances are that your fake driver’s license will only land you in more trouble than its worth.

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Virginia West Id Fake Legitfakeid Virginia West Id Fake Legitfakeid
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